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Feb 6, 2019

You know that we love recycling, upcycling and repurposing here at La Di Da Interiors. This week we have introduced our new recycled gin balloon glasses which have been a massive hit with customers. We of course thoroughly tested them prior to stocking and can confidently say that they’re fabulous for a good large gin and tonic.

Gin Balloon Glass Recycled

We repurpose as much of our supplier packaging as possible – if you’ve ever ordered from us for delivery you will know that we don’t have posh packaging but we believe it’s what’s inside the parcel that counts, not how shiny the box looks on arrival. It cuts down on cost and is good for the environment too. This week we had our new paint bags (for courier deliveries) arrive which are now 100% recycled plastic too. In store we only have paper bags now, although we have noticed that the recycled, reusable plastic bags are still a popular product.

Emma Bridgewater Recycled Plastic Bottle Bag

Reusing sits higher on the waste hierarchy than recycling. In 2016 the European average recycling rate was estimated to the 54% and the reuse rate was estimated at 7%*

We work closely with our suppliers and have been working on how to reuse more often. We are therefore delighted to announce that we are now the exclusive return point for Wessex Spirits. Simply return your Wessex Spirits bottle (Test Valley GinSpire Gin or Solstice Gin) to our shop and receive £1 off the purchase of your next bottle**. The returned bottles will be cleaned and sanitised and re-filled and reused.

Test Valley Gin

Kate Griffin, Wessex Spirits said “

I’m so excited to be part of this scheme - what a great idea! At Wessex Spirits we try to do our bit and like La Di Da we reuse as much packaging and reduce waste as much as possible. 

I’ve had so many customers say it’s such a shame to throw away the bottles - they are all so beautiful. So if you’re not up-cycling your bottle at home what better excuse to go and have a nose around the best shop in Andover and feel virtuous at the same time? I look forward to receiving loads of bottles to sterilise and reuse. 

Drink up!"

Steph Briggs, La Di Da Interiors said “we already stock Wessex Spirits and our opening hours make perfect sense for us to be the bottle drop off point for them. It’s a great way of recycling bottles and supporting local businesses at the same time.”

This small, local initiative is part of our drive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

La Di Da Interiors are at Rear of 34 Bridge Street, Andover SP10 1BW and are open 10am – 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.


*Source: “Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation” (CASI)

**Purchase must be made at the same time, £1 discount per bottle purchase only. 



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