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Feb 20, 2019

For the love of colour

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but have made a real effort this year to make time to read more books, proper paper pages of real books. The Secret Lives Of Colour by Kassia St Clair was recommend to me by a fellow designer, and it’s really fabulous to get back into the theory of colour and design. It’s made me realise how much of a passion for colour I have. Growing up my parental home was very much magnolia walls, cream carpets and dark mahogany furniture, my Mum likes things to match. Completely, stringently, neutrally. I’m defiantly a mis-match, bright, maximalist kind of person. My home now is a cosy mis-mash of antiques, painted furniture, tactile textures and countless pops of vibrant colour. So, with this in mind and Spring being around the corner my aim today is to get you to consider the use of colour in your home.

Secret Lives of Colour Book

Get Inspired

If you’re new to the whole colour thing then Instagram is the perfect place to start. Have a look at the following tags and see what appeals:



 Studio Coverdale Print with green velvet chair

As a creative person I adore Instagram and follow some real colour popping pages, my current favourite is Studio Coverdale, her work is stunning, my all time favourite is “Best in Show” I could stare at it for hours. The bold beauty of her work is only matched by her humour, keep an eye out for Derek the Iguana.

 Muck n Brass Colourful sideboard

Zoe Pocock from MuckNBrass does high end upcycling, it's bold and fun. I met Zoe a couple of years ago when we were both exhibiting upcycled furniture in Brighton. She zingy, hilarious and endlessly energetic (even when hungover) and her work is A***. She has a magnificent eye for detail and her love of colour is legendary. She now is a regular on the BBC helping kids to get creative and upcycle amongst other things. Her page is inspiring and hilariously funny.

Sophie Robinson Instagram page

The original Queen of Colour has to be Sophie Robinson, her Instagram squares are a riot of colour and pattern clashes. I met Sophie when I attended a workshop with her (funnily enough all about colour) if you want “ban the beige” or get into the psychology of colour, she runs workshops on both.

Go with your gut

When you’re out and about take note of what catches your eye around you – someone’s outfit, florist’s shop windows, or colourful packaging. Colour inspiration is everywhere – you just need to tune in to what you love. Colour is very personal, go with your gut, it’s emotional and evokes memories and feelings. Despite working in interiors I’m a strong believer that’s not all about trends, it’s about you and your home and how it makes you feel.

Start Small

Colour pops against a white wall work wonderfully. If you’re not sure what colours to go for then why not try accessories such as cushions and blankets? A large blanket such as this Tweedmill Wool Throw is a quick way to add colour and texture. Paint is the most inexpensive way to change colour drastically and doesn’t have to be permanent. I love using Annie Sloan chalk paint on furniture. It goes a long way, is easy to apply and there’s minimal prep. A small project like a side table or bedside cabinet can be completed from start to finish in a few hours. If you decide you don’t like the colour or fancy a change then you can simply paint over it. If you’re feeling bolder then get the roller out and start on the walls.


The Finishing Touches

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start – I’d suggest fall in love with a piece of furniture that’s needed in the room and then start from there. Layering up colours and textures makes your home as individual as you are. A bold statement piece may be too striking on it’s on own but teamed with a contrasting colour pop of bright scatter cushions or a framed print and a vase or lamp or candles against a neutral sofa and walls will really make it sing. Every room deserves a pop of colour, even if it's just a vase of flowers. 

Be Bold! 

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