Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect Working From Home Space During COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020

If you're struggling to work from home productively, our founder & Interior Designer Steph Briggs shares her stylish tips and tricks for transforming your spare room, corner of the lounge or conservatory into the perfect pop-up functional workspace during COVID19.

Tips and tricks for work from home spaces

Create A Work Zone In The Home

None of us are really sure when we will all be able to return to normal office work post-COVID-19. Creating a functional workspace in your home is going to help you be more productive and organised. Working from your laptop on the sofa can be challenging, especially with children. They will naturally associate the sofa with fun family social time, not you trying to file reports on deadline or taking that important Zoom video call with your boss. Creating a designated space to work from home will allow you to give your children clear boundaries: When you are in your work zone, they will know that you are 'at work'. 

Choose Colour For Productive Work Flow

If you have the luxury of a spare room, this could be your opportunity to redecorate to generate a positive and energetic mood with the right colour choices. Your new home office gives you ample opportunity to create the right atmosphere. My favourite 'go-to' colours for home offices and study spaces are Annie Sloan Wall Paint Old Ochre and Annie Sloan Wall Paint Versailles. These paints have a warmth and lightness to their tone, without being harsh and stark like white paint or sickly like magnolia. The psychology of colour is well known to have an impact on our mood and energy. Don't go for intense colours such as poppy red or emerald green. Red is known to increase anxiety, probably due to our association with it regarding danger or warnings. Emerald green is a vibrant colour and a good energy colour, but it might feel overwhelming in a small office space. 

If you want to add colour to the walls, you could incorporate a stunning feature wall with Annie Sloan Wall Paint Provence. Blue stimulates the mind, so it could be great for those of you working on more repetitive tasks that require focus.

Annie Sloan Versailles Wall Paint

Tables Turned

Homeworking requires a lot of discipline and focus. Having an office desk is going to be an essential element for successful WFH. If you're looking for a versatile table that is perfect for working at home, yet has all the design aesthetics of a beautiful piece of furniture, our Work From Home Desk And Bench is ideal. Handmade in the UK from reclaimed wood this industrial-inspired piece of quality furniture comes as a desk and bench duo, which can sit compactly in the corner of any room. Look for a work desk that is sleek and has enough space to accommodate your laptop or computer and files.  

Reclaimed wood work from home desk and bench

Declutter Your Desk

Having a 'Zen' workspace is essential. If you are struggling for space, our Wire Shelf Unit is a three-tiered shelf that can be easily attached to your wall to store all your work desk accessories out of reach from curious, small hands. This versatile shelf system can also be used anywhere in the home after COVID-19. Fill this sturdy rack with everything from herbs and spices for go-to ingredients rack for the kitchen or tidy up your teenager's make-up stash in their bedroom.

Wire Shelf Unit

Keep Hydrated 

When you are trying to juggle work with family life during the lockdown, it can be easy to forget about your own health and well-being. Drinking water throughout the day is imperative for energy levels and brain function. However, for your morning cuppa, our collection of quality ceramic mugs will bring a smile to your day. All our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and range from snappy slogans through to beautiful embossed animals and wildlife illustrations that celebrate our love of nature and the countryside.

Dog loves me best Mug

Let There Be Light

Having a workspace with good natural light is perfect, but if you don't have that luxury, make sure you use a good quality light to avoid eye strain. You could go for the plastic white desk lamp, but I prefer something more pleasing to look at! Our Tweed And Chrome Light is an elegant alternative. Think about where you can position your working from home desk. A window view might be beautiful on an overcast day, but if you don't have blinds, you'll be squinting to see your screen and the saying 'sitting at the hot desk' will ring true in a month or two as temperatures rise!

Tweed and Chrome lamp

Time To Be Productive

I love clocks, which is why we carry so many online. They make a beautiful or fun focal feature for any wall or room. I absolutely adore our Large Square table clock, but for something more fun, our Dog Clock complete with a wagging tail will also remind you when it's time to take a break and take the dog out for his daily walk. 

Square table clock

Home Comforts

Being comfortable is critical, and whether you prefer a traditional office high backed chair or a bench, our gorgeous Floral Rose Bench And Seat Cushion Pads are perfect for parking your derrière! These magnificent cushion pads, complete with their blousy rose bloom print, offer comfort and class to home working. Perfect for alfresco dining too, adding a touch of charm to your garden furniture! Add a sheepskin for ultimate luxury and comfort. 

Sheepskin on a chair

Flower Power

I simply adore freshly cut flowers in any room. A handful of garden flowers add welcome cheer and colour. These Short Wave Glass Vases are the perfect vessel for a handful of cowslip from a hedgerow or some daffs from the garden. 

Wave Glass Vase

Stay home and stay safe.

Steph x


*All the items featured in this blog are available for home delivery without compromising our staff's safety or well-being. For details on our COVID-19 Policy, click HERE.

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