Swyft Sofa FAQs

Sep 24, 2022

We adore Swyft Sofas and beds, when we first discovered them we knew that they were the right partnership for us, we share many values and both believe in providing fabulous products and brilliant customer service. 

Why buy a Swyft Sofa from La Di Da Interiors? 

  • It's the same price as buying directly from Swyft Home
  • You also earn La Di Da Loyalty points, earning money off vouchers for other purchases
  • We arrange delivery for you quickly and easily
  • You are supporting a family run small independent business
  • It's a carbon neutral product and delivery

Are Swyft Sofas comfortable?

Absolutely! Comfort is high on the Swyft Sofa list of priorities. To ensure you get the comfort you deserve, they have designed a unique three core cushion that has stability and a top layer of memory foam.

Swyft Sofa Comfort diagram

Are Swyft Sofas Stain Resistant? 

Yes! Swyft Sofa fabric is durable and resilient, which is why its guaranteed for 2 years.  It features industry leading stain free technology, which makes it child and pet friendly. Rather than coating the linen and velvet fabrics with a stain repellent, each one of the threads in the fabric is stain resistant. We can't stop your friend from spilling wine on your sofa or your kids from smearing chocolate on the seats, but clean-up is as easy as wiping the stain with a wet cloth.

FibreGuard fabrics are low maintenance and easy to clean. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed allowing you to keep your furniture fabrics looking fresh year after year. Stains can be removed from FibreGuard fabrics using mostly water, stubborn stains may require a small amount of household soap.

How easy are Swyft Sofas to assemble? 

They're built with Swyft-lok technology, which means absolutely no tools are needed to assemble the sofa. They usually take longer to get out of the boxes than to assemble! 

Can I spread the cost of a Swyft Sofa with 0% Finance? 

We currently offer you the ability to spread the cost of your order by checking out with DivideBuy.

Please note, if you select this payment method, we can only deliver to your register billing address.

We also accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Klarna

Are Swyft Sofas delivered in a box?

To make life easy for you, all our products are delivered in easy to manage boxes. Nothing is more frustrating than having to squeeze a bed frame or sofa through tight entranceways and hallways. This is why each Swyft Sofa and Bed is delivered in boxes and guaranteed to fit.

Swyft Sofa Boxes

What is the lead time on Swyft Sofas?

No one should have to wait around for a bed or sofa, which is why Swyft deliver in as little as 24 hours. Order before 1pm for next-day delivery. If you want to, you can choose your preferred delivery date from Monday to Saturday up to 3 weeks in advance.

Who will deliver my Swyft Sofa?

Panther Logistics deliver nationwide for Swyft. There is also a Swyft delivery team based in London to assist with deliveries within the Greater London area.

How do I find out what time my new Swyft sofa will be arriving?

Panther Logistics will make contact via email and SMS with pre-delivery and tracking information. Please read this information carefully.

Your Panther tracking link will update with a two hour timeslot the evening before delivery, usually around 8pm, though sometimes later. Please check the tracking link for updates and ensure you are available to accept delivery at the address during this time. Delivery will be made to a room of your choice, up to and including the second floor.

What are the Swyft Sofa product guarantees?

We’re confident you’ll love the product and shouldn’t have any issues. Swyft Home products have passed all of the regulatory strength tests (BSEN12520:2015) and each seat is suitable for a weight of up to 18 stone. Plus, the fabric is contract standard and has a martindale scale of 100,000, which means it can withstand a lot of bottoms!

If you’re unhappy with the product you have 100 days to arrange a return. After this, Swyft Home also offer a 15 year frame guarantee.

Where are Swyft Sofas made?

Swyft have their own factory in Porto, Portugal. 

Is the Swyft Sofa Packaging Recyclable? 

Swyft Sofa & Swyft Bed packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials - Most of the packaging is cardboard, the packaging has been designed to be self-locking so no glues or staples are used in its construction, better facilitating recycling. All protective infills are made from cardboard, rather than polystyrene, but in order to protect the cushions and fabric during transit they have had to use recycled plastic. This plastic is made with D2w technology. 

D2w technology accelerates the natural process of decomposing plastics. It speeds up oxidation until the item can no longer be classed as plastic, with the end result leaving no trace of toxic residue or microplastics. D2w can be recycled with conventional polymer, is made with recylate and classed as biodegradable.

 I want to talk to someone to discuss delivery dates (or something else) for my new Swyft Sofa

Get in touch with me (Steph) via email steph@ladidainteriors.co.uk or call 01465871044 and we can discuss your requirements

 Green Velvet Swyft Sofa with lamp and brick wall


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