Interior Design Tips for Using the Colour Green in Your Home

Jul 12, 2020

Interior Designer and Creative Director of La Di Da Interiors Steph Briggs shares her top tips for incorporating the colour green into your home in this short video. 


Whether you're planning to use it as an accent colour or you want to make a bold design statement with a fabulous piece of furniture, choosing the right shade of green can makes a huge difference.

The colour green symbolises growth, renewal, harmony and freshness. It is the colour of Spring, when everything comes to life. It is incredibly restful on the eye and therefore calming and positive. 

If you want to create a retreat or relaxing area in your home green is the colour for you, consider natural shades of green similar to the ones found in nature. 

Plants are a simple way of adding a pop of green into your home decor. If you have a dark corner or don't want to have the hassle of maintenance try a faux plant such as this monstera or palm leaves for instant height and texture. 

 If you're considering painting furniture green then we recommend Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Samphire for a calmed muted look on traditional style furniture.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Samphire Green Painted furniture

 Park Bench Painted Chest of Drawers

For a real statement piece with a green colour pop we recommend Fusion Mineral Paint in Park Bench shown on this tallboy chest of drawers with dark wax in the details.

 Refinished Ercol Sideboard painted in Kelp Green

For a modern fresh look we'd recommend Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Kelp like this Refinished Ercol sideboard. It also works fabulously with natural wood. 

Green coloured accessories

Green makes a great accent colour and you can easily add several shades in at once with accessories. Add extra with different materials for a tactile look using items such as this plant inspired crewel work cushion, or zingy green cotton throw

Green accessories with glass vase

This pressed glass vase by Gisela Graham works well on it's own or filled with flowers or foliage or even with a few led lights. The artichoke tea light holder is a small statement piece adding a stylised natural shape and glossy texture. 

Green is an incredible colour which is very on trend, from using darker shades such as emerald or moss for a dramatic feel to softer tranquil tones for tranquility, there is a shade for every home. 


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