How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional

Dec 1, 2020

Decorating your Christmas tree is fun and exciting but styling to perfection doesn't happen by accident. We have all spent a lot more time at home this year and want to make this Christmas extra special so here are our top tips for styling up your most fabulous Christmas tree yet! 

Sugar Plum Fairy

Faking It

If you're going for artificial it's worth the investment to get a high-quality one that will last year after year and maintain it's good looks. Opt for a traditional looking green tree rather than a trend-led one so it's doesn't date. Pre-lit trees are becoming a firm favourite and getting better in quality for easy assembly. Always remember to keep it's box or get a tree bag for store it the other 11 months of the year. 

Fluff and Fan

Spend your time fluffing and shaping the branches. This will make your tree look fuller and more natural. It can be an incredibly time-consuming task, particularly for the perfectionists among us. Separate and fan out each brand to fill in the gaps, remember a correctly shaped tree is infinitely more appealing! 

Keep it Real

If you're going for a real Christmas tree a Norman Fir is the best choice for a good bushy shape and minimal needle drop however they can be expensive as they are very slow growing. The Norway Spruce has a lovely natural scent however the needles can drop quickly so make sure it's well away from radiators and fires. When you get your tree home, treat it like you would fresh flowers. Give it time to acclimatise and give it a really good drink overnight (preferably outside) before bringing it in to decorate. 

Let There Be Light

The lights are the first thing to tackle, it's always more difficult to do this after adding the decorations and get the spacing right. Warm white lights are classic and timeless. Cool white can be cold and clinical which is probably not the look that most of us aspire to achieve. Coloured lights can be fun in a retro style but can also look very dated so proceed with caution! Static lights are best for a peaceful and calming Christmas tree. 

With fairy lights more is more. As a rough guide a 6ft tree needs approximately 300 bulbs. Use the plug as the starting point and wrap around the tree trunk working your way up from the centre of the base of your tree. Wrap the lights evenly around the branches in and out from the trunk, secure with green florists wire to ensure there are no hanging wires.

Gisela Graham Christmas Tree Decorations


Decide on a theme for your tree, a traditional look will never date and is classically Christmas. It may be colour based, metallics, red and greens are timeless but in recent years we have seen boho style trees and rainbow style themes becoming very trendy. 

For 2020 the celestial theme is very on trend, stars, moons and fairies. Animals and woodland themes are always popular with families. We have dinosaurs, flamingos, pandas and leopards in the shop this year. 

Lay out your decorations and apply in an organised manner. 

Christmas Tree Decoration in Tiger & Leopard

All About The Base

Artificial tree bases are generally best hidden, one of our favourite ways to hide them is with a woven willow tree skirt, they look neat and tidy and go well with most themes. Don't forget if you have a real tree you will need access to the base to add water unless it's potted. 

Mind the Gap

After lights we recommend adding in additional foliage, this can be a great way to add scent to an artificial tree with an orange, cinnamon and pine cone garland. This is the start of your theme, from botanical ferns to glittering picks of flowers and gold palm leaves, let your imagination go wild. Apply with florists wire to make sure it's secure and not drooping. 

Big Baubles

Next are the baubles, these should vary in size and texture to add interest. They look best in odd numbers so go for 3, 6, 9 or 11 of any one design. Add these to the branches on the third nearest to the trunk, going for a diagonal pattern around the tree. Remove cotton or hangers and fix with florists wire close to the branch for a really neat and secure display. 

Medium Decorations 

After you've stood back and appreciated your beautiful work so far next up is your medium sized decorations. These can be characterful such as these leopard and tigers or more classic such as these horses and soldiers. These ones need to be half way along the branches between the trunk and tip, again in a diagonal pattern for even display. 

Horse Christmas tree decorations

Heritage Pieces

Now it's time for the family favourites. Those well loved decorations that are favourites from Christmas' past. These need to be placed on the ends of the branches taking front and centre stage. 


If there are any spaces on the ends of branches then adding some smaller decorations at the ends of the other branches gives a consistent look. Crystal drops or clip on decorations such as birds work really well to add texture and sparkle. 

Clip on gold bird

New Additions

Each year it's lovely to add a little something extra to your Christmas decoration collection, so when you take a step back and admire your insta-worthy Christmas tree now is the time to consider what you'd like to add. 

Packing Away

Once the festivities are over and it's time to pack the Christmas tree back in the loft or take it to the recycling centre here are our top tips for making it easy.

1) Get a large plastic box or metal trunk with a lid to store your decorations and lights in safely and securely. 

2) Reuse those chocolate tins or biscuit tins that have been emptied over the festive period to store delicate glass baubles and decorations. Use newspaper or tissue to wrap them in.

3) Remove the decorations attached with wire using wire snips for quick and easy removal

4) Wind the fairy lights around a large piece of cardboard to ensure they don't end up in a tangle mess! You'll thank yourself next year when you get them out! 

5) Pop all of your Christmas cards in the box with the decorations. This is a handy way to remind yourself of who to write them to next December. You can also upcycle them into parcel tags next year. These add a pop of colour and pattern which look fabulous with plain brown paper for eco wrapping. 

6) Disposing of a real Christmas tree is the bit most people dread with pine-needles trailing through the house and car. An easy way to reduce this is to get an old newspaper, your gardening secateurs and a log basket or large bucket. Place the newspaper around the base of the tree. Snip off the branches and place in the log basket and then fold up the newspaper with the needles in it. The naked trunk it much easier to carry outside and get in the car to take to the recycling centre.


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