How glass can open up your staircase

Aug 2, 2018

It's always a pleasure to be asked your professional opinion on design matters and our founder and interior designer extraordinaire, Steph Briggs was recently asked for her top tips for Jacksons Woodturners in Sheffield all about their glass panelled stair cases and interior design - you can read the full interview here

Glass panelled staircase in a country style interior home

What type of hallway is best suited to a glass panelled staircase?

Most hallways can take a glass panelled staircase but its in contemporary spaces that it adds the "wow" factor

What are the benefits of glass panels as opposed to wooden balustrades?

Glass panelled staircases give a feeling of space and opulence not possible with traditional balustrades.  Light is allowed to move through the space and the hallway can become a statement feature far more easily.  

As glass panels allow more of the stairs and wall to be clearly seen what tips would you give for styling these areas?

I love using bold colour and texture. By using glass panels with this can be well lit and highlighted as opposed to covered with the fussy detail of traditional wooden panels or balustrade.  

What décor is best suited to glass panels?

Clean lines running throughout a scheme make for a sharp contemporary look, glass panels really add to this aesthetic.  

What advice would you give for combining modern glass panels with a traditional hallway?

Use the simplicity of the glass as a texture, combined with a muted palette alongside other tactile materials such as wood, fabrics and solid paint colours. 

In what instances would you avoid using glass panels?

A busy family home, little hands with sticky fingers make for a lot of cleaning on glass panels! 

How could you maximise the appeal of glass?

Glass offers a fabulous base from which to work, the colour scheme and feel of a hallway can be changed quickly and easily if your have glass panels with out worrying about hours of painting on woodwork. If you like to update your interiors on a regular basis then I'd recommend a glass panelled staircase as part of the fabric of the building. 

What kind of house layout do you think works best with a glass panelled staircase?

Open plan works well, one of the best uses of glass panelled staircases I've seen is in a Holland Park Mews House, they lead down to the bedroom and added much needed light and feel of luxury and modernism in a historic building.


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