How bi-fold doors can create the illusion of space in any home

Nov 20, 2018

Steph recently worked with Origin in High Wycombe on an article regarding bi-fold doors and the space they can create....

Here it is, enjoy! 

Bi Fold Doors by Origin

Ask any homeowner what would most improve their property and the answer is highly likely to be ‘more space’. In many cases, moving to a bigger property is not an option, so homeowners are faced with the prospect of adapting their current property to make it feel more spacious.

One of the most effective ways to create the illusion of space is to use bi-fold doors. The additional light that floods in instantly opens up the existing space, while the unrestricted views through the doors give the impression of a much bigger room.

Recent research shows that using bi-fold doors to create an instantly accessible ‘outroom’ between the home and the garden gives a property a whole new dynamic. Significantly, 98% of home owners expressed that their homes felt bigger and 85% believed that their rooms now receive more natural daylight. In addition to the extra living space, an ‘outroom’ can also add up to 6% to the property value.

Any room in your house can benefit from the addition of bi-folds, whether it’s a kitchen or living room opening out to an ‘outroom’, or a bedroom leading out onto a balcony and the surrounding views.

To find out more about how bi-fold doors can create the illusion of space, we spoke to some of the UK’s leading interior designers. Here’s what they had to say…

What décor would you recommend to expand the space that bi-fold doors create?

Steph: Keeping it simple works well in protecting the light and space created. Most people install bi-folds as they want to see the view or to bring the outside in.

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