Home Improvement Projects To Keep You Busy During Lockdown

Dec 20, 2020

Being in lockdown due to the covid pandemic can drive you mad with boredom looking at the same four walls. Nobody wants to be in lockdown but this situation also pushes us to be more creative and find new ways to entertain ourselves. Being confined to the walls of your home may have you itching to work on your living spaces and redecorate during lockdown. You don’t need to be a master of interior design, small improvements here and there can make all the difference.

Rearrange Furniture

Mix it up by rearranging your furniture. You’ll be surprised as the difference a move around can make. Just moving the existing furniture around and maybe swapping from room to room creates new points of interest within a room. Try to find a new focal point for example a fireplace or piece of artwork and centre your furniture around it.

Dining Room inspiration

Get inspired

DIY interior design projects and makeovers are great fun but do require some planning to execute well. Find oodles of inspiration for mood boards on Instagram and Pintrest. Instagram is a fabulous place to help define your personal style, search via hastags to drill down into the detail of your style. Pintrest is really useful for DIY project plans and has a vast selection of colour schemes and mood boards for ideas. By saving some of these it will help you to find your own style and help you to create a shopping list of must haves and nice to haves.

A Change of Colour

Interior room walls, skirting and floor painted

If you have time then a change in colour scheme is a quick way to make any room feel brand new. Paint is relatively quick and inexpensive to make a change with so be bold with your colour choices. If you’re unsure about an overall change of colour the we advise to get a large piece of cardboard or box and paint it with a sample pot. Leave it in the room for a few days and see the colour at different times of the day and with different light. For a contemporary look when painting a room paint the radiators, skirting boards and architraves all in the same colour as the walls. It makes the space feel “quieter” and more peaceful. 

DIY Furniture Painting

DIY Painted furniture

If you don’t fancy painting the walls or if you are planning a change of room for the piece of furniture or it just needs a facelift then upcycling tired furniture with paint is the perfect way to give a piece a new lease of life at very little cost. It’s quick, easy, cost-effective and sustainable. Even laminated surfaces can be painted and paints have low VOCs these days so can be used indoors too. We have a selection of top tip videos on youtube to help you get started. There are no end of items that can be upcycled around the home; vintage furniture, mirrors, picture frames, wardrobes, wicker baskets, tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards, ornaments, candlesticks the list is endless!

DIY Painted Kitchen example

Let there be Light

In the UK particularly during Winter we are dependent upon artificial light. Something as simple as a change in lampshade or changing the height of a light can change the way a room is lit. Even just moving items such as plants off windowsills can change the way natural light comes in through the window. Interesting lamps, new lamp shades, bulbs fairy lights and beautiful candles all make a difference to how a room feels.

Metal leaf gilding is simple and easier to apply than most people think! A reflective surface can make light bounce around and gives a beautiful glow

Metal Gilding Wall

Get Cosy

If you’re happy with your colour scheme, layout and lighting then it’s time to look at the finer details. Tactile items make it cosy so by changing your cushions throws, rugs and soft furnishings it’s easy to add in a pop of colour and texture. Adding a cosy touch such as a Charcoal Faux Fur Throw to a sofa or chair will add a Nordic vibe and instant snuggliness! Adding pastel colours such as blush pink will instantly create a soft and romantic look for Spring. A bigger statement piece such as this large Peacock Lamp will give a sense of luxury or these hand carved Angel Wings will bring a feeling of tranquillity.

 Angel Wings Wall Art

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