Fusion Mineral Paint FAQs

Feb 12, 2023

Fusion Mineral Paint speaks for itself, with furniture painters returning to this product time and again. This paint provides furniture painters with a best in class paint, that has high coverage and exceptional ease of application, under pinned by an environmentally conscious formulation and superior durability as well as a wide range of colours.

How to use Fusion Mineral Paint

Using Fusion Mineral Paint is quick and easy and gives excellent results. It's known as professional paint for the DIYer. I've recorded a short free video tutorial on how to apply Fusion Mineral Paint.


Where can I buy Fusion Mineral Paint in the UK?

Fusion Mineral Paint is sold through a network of independent stockists in the UK. We supply Fusion Mineral Paint online throughout the UK and can deliver straight to your door. Click here to shop

Where to get a Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Chart

We can post you a Fusion Mineral Paint True Colour card, it is painted with chips of the paint to give a true representation of the Fusion Mineral Paint colours. 

Also available is the colour fan deck which is full of colour cards which make choosing the perfect shade for your project easy. A larger size of 2″ x 5″ this Fusion Mineral Paint™ Fan Deck is the perfect colour choosing tool. Designed for professional furniture painters and interior designers to show clients colours and to match colour on existing furniture or fabrics. 

Fusion Fan Deck

Is Fusion Mineral Paint on Amazon UK?

Yes we sell Fusion Mineral Paint on Amazon but it is much better if you buy directly on our website. It is the same price to you regardless and you earn loyalty points if you buy directly with us which can be used for discounts and free postage. 

Can I buy Fusion Mineral Paint online?

We post Fusion Mineral Paints throughout the UK, next day delivery is available if you need it in a hurry! Click here to see the range

What is special about Fusion Mineral Paint?

Fusion is not a chalk paint, it's a high quality water based resin acrylic which dries to a non-porous, durable finish which is super smooth and available in a fabulous range of (over 50+) colours. Minimal preparation and no top-coat or wax required. It gives beautiful results on refinishing furniture which is why it is one of the top brands chosen by professional furniture refinishers and furniture painters. 

How much Fusion Mineral Paint will I need?

Fusion is sold in 37ml tester pots and 500ml containers. Fusions coverage is excellent, a little goes a long way. A 500ml pot will cover approximately 7 square metres (75 sq ft), which is plenty for a large sideboard or several smaller projects. You usually need about half the amount when compared to Chalk Paint. 

Do you need to sand before using Fusion Mineral Paint?

If the surface to be painted is bare wood then you can paint straight on, however the finish is only as smooth as the preparation. In most cases I'd at least sand with 180-220 grit sandpaper to prepare the surface and give some key. Have a look at the Fusion Prep guide for best results. 

Fusion Mineral Paint prep guide

How to prep for painting with Fusion Mineral Paint

The secret to a beautiful finish is to apply Fusion Mineral Paint to a clean surface. Once the surface has been cleaned using TSP, Fusion will adhere well to both water-based and oil based paints, without the use of a primer. Cleaning first with Fusion TSP Alternative will help remove grease and dirt, and if there is a gloss, give it a light scuff sand, I'd recommend using 240 grit sandpaper. Use white spirit to remove soft wax, siliconised oil polishes, fire retardants or any stickiness that the TSP degreaser is unable to remove.

I'd recommend using Fusion Ultra Grip adhesion primer on very high gloss finishes, detailed areas that would be damaged by sanding, or slick surfaces like laminates and melamine.

Does Fusion Paint need 2 coats?

Fusion Mineral Paint™ coverage is outstanding, in most cases one or two coats is all you need. In normal temperatures Fusion is dry to the touch after 2 hours and can accept a re-coat after 4 hours. Cure time is 21 days, however painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time.

Does Fusion Paint scratch easily?

Once the paint has cured fully (allow 21 days after painting) Fusion is scratch-resistant, waterproof, stain resistant and washable.

Which is better Fusion Mineral Paint or Chalk Paint?

If you want a textured finish I would use Chalk Paint, it will give you that aged shabby chic look easily. But if you want a more modern sleek and clean finish I would use Mineral Paint. 

Does Fusion Paint need to be sealed?

You do not need to use a separate top coat with Fusion Mineral Paint. However for high traffic areas such as table tops we recommend a coat of varnish to protect such as Fusion Tough Coat for longevity. 

Can you apply Fusion Paint with a roller?

Absolutely, a microfibre roller is a brilliant way of covering large surface areas and a great option if you struggle with brush strokes. Dip the roller into the tray and roll the excess paint off. Apply light pressure with thin coats.

If your paint is drying too quickly and creating texture or brush marks, increase your open time by adding Fusion™ Extender into the paint to give you longer working time.

What type of brush do you use with Fusion Mineral Paint?

Brushes with synthetic bristles are perfect for applying Fusion Mineral Paint with. I love using Cling On brushes to get a smooth finish. They are available in a variety of sizes and very easy to clean.  

What is so special about Fusion Mineral Paint?

Fusion™ is a 100% acrylic, water-based paint made using natural rather than synthetic pigments which allows for greater depth in colour and better durability to UV light and time. Once cured, a surface painted with Fusion™ is both water and stain proof.

How do you clean brushes after using Fusion Mineral Paint? 

Being water based Fusion Mineral Paint is easy to wash off brushes just using water. If using a very strong colour or if the paint has dried on the brush then use a little Fusion Brush Soap to remove paint from the bristles. 


I hope that's covered all of your Fusion questions! If you have any more please just ask in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them

Happy Painting! 




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