Festoon Lights for Your Garden

Jul 9, 2022

Outdoor Festoon Lights


Versatile and easy to use, there are many ways to decorate your space with outdoor festoon lights, regardless of how much room you have to play with.  Festoon lights are the on-trend way to light up your outside space. Like all our outdoor lights our festoon garden lights come in a variety of colours and styles and are designed for all weather, so you can enjoy a bright and pretty garden, rain or shine! 

Festoon lighting is perfect for parties, relaxing outdoors, wedding lighting, events both large and small, and for the home. Transform any space from dull to dreamy, whether its inside or out!

What are festoon lights?

Festoon lights are also known as café lights, bulb lights or party lights. They are traditional, big lightbulb garland lights you see hanging at fairgrounds in American movies from the 1950s. They're oversized glass globes on a string, usually in warm white or sometimes multi coloured, and they're so very in right now. 

How do I choose festoon lights?

Before purchasing festoon lights for your garden or patio, measure your space and hanging distance. This will help you when deciding on what length of lights you need or if extra hooks, cables or wiring is needed. Measure everything before you shop. If you want a draped effect then use string or cable to drape to then measure and get the correct layout and length.

Working out how much Festoon lighting you will need?

Measure the distance from the plug socket to where you want to start your lights. Then measure the area you want to put your lights. If you hang your lights without attaching them to a support cable, you lose some of your total cable metres in sag.

As an example this string of 20 festoon lights is perfect for creating ambience in the evenings. 20 bulbs emit a warm white light that'll allow you to enjoy the garden.

Festoon Light

Extra Long Length Festoon Lights

Available in different lengths, we have the perfect mains-powered festoon lights or solar battery festoon lights for your needs. Choose longer length festoon string lights (an extension kit is available to make a string of 30 lights) for the ideal venue lighting.

No Electric Sockets nearby?

Add the perfect ambient glow to warmer evenings with solar powered festoon lights. Perfect for lining garden fences, walls around your patio, or stringing from trees, Festoon lights are ideal for a garden party or just creating atmosphere for everyday. Whatever your lighting goals, you need look no further.

Solar Festoon Lights

Brighten up your home or garden with our stunning, high-quality festoon lights. Next day delivery available. All weatherproof.

Layered Garden Lighting

Versatile and easy to use, there are many ways to decorate your space with outdoor festoon lights, regardless of how much room you have to play with. Get creative and couple festoon lights with hurricane lanterns for a perfect overhead light canopy and add some solar garden lanterns to complement the look at lower levels such as on garden tables or walls. 

Festoon lights with hurricane lantern

Browse our plug-in festoon lights and solar festoon garden lights click here to find the best festoon lights for your garden this summer. 

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