This is when Father's Day falls in 2021 in the UK and the best gift ideas

May 29, 2021

Father's Day this year is Sunday 20th June 2021 it's always the third Sunday of June in the UK. This year more than ever is reason for celebration after the lockdown restrictions in place last year. 

Father's Day is an annual celebration that gives children the opportunity to show the paternal figure in your life some love. Recognise the contribution of their Dads, Granddads, Father-Figures and Step-Dads to their lives, spoil them and say thank you! 

When is Father's Day 2021?

Fathers Day takes place on 20 June - under the governments roadmap out of the third national lockdown the date falls a day before it is hoped that all limits on social interactions are lifted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why does the date of Father's Day change each year? 

Father's Day takes place (in the UK) on the third Sunday in June. It originally stems from America when it was first celebrated in 1910 and in 1972 Richard Nixon signed Father's Day into law as a national holiday "Make this Father's Day an occasion for renewal of the love and gratitude we bear to our fathers, increasing and enduring through all the years." In 2022 it will fall on 19th June. 

What day do other countries celebrate Father's Day? 

The UK, Canada and the US observe Father's Day on the same day. Many other countries follow the Bible's religious observance of the Feast of Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ which is held on 19th March each year. This date is observed by many Catholic countries such as Spain where it is known a Dia del Padre, and Italy which celebrates the Festa del Papa. Australia and New Zealands commemorate the day on the first Sunday in September. Germany has Father's Day 40 days after Easter. Russia celebrates on 23 February each year. 

What are Father's Day traditions? 

Making a special effort to visit Dad on Father's Day is tradition, along with a card and a gift. A meal out at their favourite pub or restaurant or a their favourite lunch cooked at home is always a winner. 

Recognise the contribution that fathers, father figures, Grandads, Grandpas and Step-Dad's make in the lives of their children. Here is our gift guide for Father's Day 2021 for all types of Dad's (and wallet sizes) from pocket money treats to special gifts. 

Father's Day Cards

Legend Father's Day Card

Plastic free, humorous and beautiful, our Fathers Day cards are just £3.50 each, designed and made in the UK.

We even have a card especially for Doggie Dads!

Father's Day card from the dog 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Let's be honest sometimes a Father's Day card alone just isn't enough so here is our gift guide for the most difficult man to buy for, we have the best Father's Day Gift Ideas for every type of Dad. The best Father's Day gifts should be thoughtful, to alleviate your stress we've got options no matter what type of Dad he is:

Eco Dad - for the wild life lover or environmentalist we have beautiful wild flower seeds that are super easy to plant (just throw them where you want them to grow) which are native to the UK and are super attractive to bees. Beebombs are made in Dorset and plastic-free these are a fab eco gift. £8 each or 5 for £30. 

Beebomb wild flower seeds


Competitive Dad - Playing a game together is always fun, we particularly love the Gin Board Game or Cocktail Board Game for a fun afternoon testing each others alcohol knowledge (no drinking required!) £22. 

Gin Board Game

Create Memories

A picture paints a thousand words. Why not gift a piece of artwork from a little one in one of our large picture frames. Or a framed photo is a lovely reminder of special times together. We have a selection of styles for every interior, shop photo frames here

Silver Floating Photo Frame

Foodie Dad - A gift that can be used time and time again, this deli board is perfect for a food lover. Made of solid oak with a leather handle for hanging £42. A great way to serve up a special lunch for Dad.

 Deli Board

Tea Addict - If your Dad enjoys a good cup of tea we have a beautiful brass star shaped tea infuser to help him make the perfect cup. Perfect for loose tea but no pot needed, this is for serious tea lovers of all ages £6

Brass Star Tea Infuser


Pop your feet up - If getting Dad to sit own for a while is a challenge then we have something that may help! Our gorgeous Pineapple Pouffe is perfect for popping your feet up and relaxing with the papers. 100% cotton with detailed crewel work £115

Pineapple footstool

Team Effort - This British Isles 1000 piece Jigsaw is a lovely gift that means that grandchildren and Grandad can work together placing the UK back together. A great way to talk about places visited, lived and holidays. £17.95

 British Isles Jigsaw Puzzle

Best Dad Cufflinks - When Dad gets back to wearing shirts again! These lovely cufflinks are a great way to remind him of how fabulous he is, presented in a gift box £22

Best Dad in the World Cufflinks 

Brilliant Daddy Mug - Perfect for reminding him just how brilliant he is everyday! £7.50

Brilliant Daddy Mug

Wishing Dad's everywhere a fabulously Happy Father's Day! 

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Feeling inspired to make a Father's Day lunch to remember? Have a look at our guide to creating the perfect space for outdoor entertaining here






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