Discover the Art of Furniture Painting with Stephanie Briggs in Girvan, Ayrshire

Apr 23, 2024

Discover the Art of Furniture Painting with Stephanie Briggs in Girvan, Ayrshire

Are you looking to breathe new life into your old furniture? Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or new to furniture painting, there's a whole world of creativity waiting for you to explore. Stephanie Briggs, a renowned Interior Designer based in Girvan, South Ayrshire, specialises in furniture upcycling and offers bespoke workshops to help you transform your furniture as well as a commission service if you don't feel like tackling it yourself. Using Fusion Mineral Paint, Stephanie brings together her unique design skills and passion for furniture painting to create stunning pieces that reflect your personal style. In this blog, we’ll explore the range of furniture painting styles, from simple facelifts to bold colour pops and heritage chic, and how Stephanie's workshops can help you master the art of furniture painting.

Steph Briggs of La Di Da Interiors with Paint brushes
Steph Briggs

What is Fusion Mineral Paint?

Fusion Mineral Paint is a premium quality paint designed for furniture painting. It's beloved by furniture upcyclers and interior designers for its exceptional coverage, vibrant colours, and super smooth finish. The paint is eco-friendly, with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which makes it an ideal choice for those who prioritise sustainability in their DIY projects. With Fusion Mineral Paint, you can achieve a durable, long-lasting finish without the need for waxing or sealing, making it a popular choice for furniture painters like Steph Briggs.

Hand with cloth cleaning a vintage chair. Paint tins in background
Preparing to paint furniture

Furniture Upcycling: The Art of Transformation

Furniture upcycling is the process of taking old, worn-out furniture and giving it a new lease on life. Instead of discarding furniture that may have sentimental value or interesting design elements, Steph uses Fusion Mineral Paint to transform these pieces into something unique and beautiful. Upcycling not only reduces waste but also allows you to create custom pieces that align with your home decor and style.

Green painted Chest of drawers and stool with green home accessories
Green painted chest of drawers and matching stool with suggested home accessories for a client

Styles of Furniture Painting

When it comes to furniture painting, the possibilities are endless. Steph Briggs specialises in a variety of styles, each offering a distinct approach to transforming your furniture. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Before and after of a painted sideboard
Before and after of a commission piece by Steph Briggs

1. Simple Facelift

A simple facelift is perfect for those who want to refresh their furniture without making drastic changes. This style involves using Fusion Mineral Paint to give your furniture a clean, updated look. It's an excellent choice for pieces that have become dull or worn over time or that you want to update the colour to match new decor. Steph Briggs recommends this approach for those who prefer a classic and understated look. With Fusion Mineral Paint's extensive colour neutral colour range, you can choose a shade that complements your existing or new design decor.

Chest of drawers painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford


Painted sideboard in bright blue
Refinished painted sideboard client commission by Steph Briggs In Fusion Liberty Blue

2. Full Colour Pop

If you're not afraid to make a bold statement, the full colour pop style is for you. This style involves using vibrant, eye-catching colours to transform your furniture into a statement showpiece. Fusion Mineral Paint offers a wide array of bold hues, from deep blues to bright yellows, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Steph Briggs loves experimenting with different colour combinations, creating pieces that are both unique and stylish. This approach is ideal for adding a touch of personality to any room.

Chest of Drawers Painted in Renfrew Blue


Heritage Chic Painted Bureau in creams and browns
Heritage Chic style painted bureau by Steph Briggs

3. Heritage Chic

Heritage chic is perfect for those who appreciate vintage and distressed looks. This style involves creating an antique or weathered appearance using Fusion Mineral Paint and various distressing techniques. Steph Briggs often uses this style to add character and charm to her designs. Heritage chic can be achieved by using softer, layered muted colours and then distressing the edges to give the piece a well-loved, aged appearance. It's a great way to bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your home.

Refinished vintage chest
Sympathetically refinished antique chest by Steph Briggs


Bespoke Workshops with Stephanie Briggs

If you're eager to learn more about furniture painting and upcycling, Steph Briggs offers bespoke workshops in Girvan, South Ayrshire and surrounding areas. These hands-on workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced DIY enthusiasts. During the workshops, Stephanie will guide you through the process of furniture painting, teaching you various techniques and helping you create your own masterpiece. Whether you're interested in a simple facelift, a bold colour pop, or a heritage chic style, Stephanie's workshops provide the tools and expertise you need.

In addition to workshops, Stephanie also takes on commission work. If you have a specific piece of furniture that you'd like to have transformed, you can work with Stephanie to create a custom design that suits your style and preferences. This is an excellent option for those who have sentimental pieces or unique furniture that they want to preserve while giving it a fresh new look.

Shop design by Steph Briggs with painted cupboards
Shop design by Steph Briggs - The Little Whiskey Shop in Stockbridge


Fusion Mineral Paint is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for furniture painting and upcycling. With its wide range of colours and easy application, you can transform your old furniture into stunning works of art. Stephanie Briggs, based in Girvan, South Ayrshire, is an expert in furniture painting and offers bespoke workshops to help you unlock your creativity. Whether you're interested in a simple facelift, a bold colour pop, or a heritage chic style, there's a technique for everyone. Join Stephanie's workshops to learn the art of furniture painting and discover how to give your furniture a makeover that reflects your unique style.

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Here are a few more examples of Steph Briggs' Painted Furniture portfolio with some before and after photos:

Old Brown Vintage Bureau
Before: A tired bureau


Refinished painted bureau in Midnight Blue and Coral
The bureau refinished in Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue and Coral
Rusty Garden bench and repainted bench before and after
A well loved metal garden bench refinished and ready for the summer


Stag Bedside Cabinets
Before: Pair of Stag Wooden Bedside cabinets
Stag Bedside Cabinets Painted in French Eggshell
After: Refinished pair of Stag Bedside Cabinets in Fusion Mineral Paint French Eggshell
Brown Chest of Drawers Before
Before: Client chest of drawers
After, painted grey upcycled chest of drawers
After: Refinished Chest of Drawers in Fusion Little Lamb Grey
Before, old kitchen cabinet
Before: A used kitchen cupboard
After, painted and upcycled kitchen cabinet into a home bar
After: Refinished kitchen cupboard into a bar for their living room. In Fusion Midnight Blue with Gold Leaf top and high gloss finish
Old Piano saved from landfill
Before: A clients old piano saved from landfill that she wanted to use outside her Vintage shop as a planter
Old piano saved from landfill painted pink to be used as a planter
After: Refinished piano in Fusion Mineral Paint Peony, all ready for planting

Simple Painted Bookcase

Painted Ercol Sideboard in Fusion Mineral Paint Eucalyptus

Antique Chest refinished, painted and waxed

Antique chest of drawers painted and distressed in a bespoke colour blend

Heritage Chic style commission finished in Fusion Midnight Blue and Hemp Oil


Vintage pine chest painted and personalised for a client 


Modern dining table resized and refinished in Champness Blue and White Stain and Finish Oil


Pine TV cabinet painted in Fusion Putty

Antique Wash Stand painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue


Room design by Steph Briggs including bespoke painted furniture


 To see the full range of Fusion Mineral Paint Colours click here





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