Decorating your home for Christmas - top trends for 2019

Oct 25, 2019

Decorating your home for Christmas is a fabulously fun thing to do. Here are our top tips for festive decor trends for 2019 to make your house beautiful and Christmas magical.  

First Impressions:

The front door, hall and stairs are the first area of your home that people see when visiting and you never get a second chance to make that first impression.

Re-painting the front door may be the last thing on your mind in Winter but for a really simple way to add a pop of colour a quick coat of paint is really economical. Fusion Mineral Paint (£21.99) in a colour such as Fort York really makes a festive statement.

Fort York Red Fusion Mineral Paint

We'd also recommend adding some beautiful lit decorations; our all year round favourites which are solar powered too are our beautiful dandelion lights (from £25.50). Alternatively our handmade lit wooden stars (£26) are battery powered and made from tantalised wood so they can go indoors or out and are great for hanging in the garden, on fences or in a porch. 

Dandelion Solar Lights on a path to front door

Decorating stair cases for Christmas can be so much fun and looks uber luxurious. My top tip is to book yourself onto a local wreath making course to decorate the front door and then use the skills learned to translate that into swags for the bannisters and handrails. Look for workshops that are run by florists for the best tuition. Fresh foliage can be damp and dries out in central heating so use faux for longevity. Look on local selling sites for old faux Christmas trees that you can easily repurpose and upcycle into fabulous foliage without the cost to your pocket or the planet. Add fir cones dry-brushed with a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give a classic look and use lengths of velvet ribbon to add colour and texture. Add a few sprigs of larger decorations such as these velvety faux poinsettia picks (£2.75) or vintage silver flowers (£2.50) for a luxe look.

Faux Poinsettia pick for decorating

Smells like Christmas

Adding the scent of Christmas is a great way to create instant ambience, our Orange and Cinnamon candles are one of our best sellers, this year we have added a reed diffuser to the collection too. These are a great way of making even the smallest room in the house seem festive. By varying the scents in each room it will keep them noticeable so mix it up a little. 

Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Smelling Candle

Pick a theme

With a few key accessories and a little imagination you can really bring together a theme. Have a look at what decorations you already have and start from there. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Scandi, red and white: White painted fir cones, little red houses and red and white felt figures such as our cute Gisela Graham mice. Remember you can always revive and alter your existing decorations with a little paint. 

Botanical Jungle: Botanical interiors have been on trend for the last few years. The trendiest Christmas decorations for 2019 are exotic and completely over the top. From life-size glittering parrots, jewelled tigers, elephants and giraffes we have a zoo in the shop at present! 

Woodland Inspired: Oozing rustic charm a woodland themed theme is magical and uber low budget for high impact. Forage for branches and make your own tree with a terracotta pot and some white paint and a set of white fairy lights. Have a go at making your own paper stars - look for instructions on youtube and visit charity shops for old maps and books to upcycle. Woodland animals such as foxes, rabbits, squirrels and mice all work well with this theme. 

Snowscape: Think snowy white and icy. Go for an all white theme, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sticks to almost any surface. Old white gives great coverage so is perfect for this theme, add a layer of gloss lacquer for a shiny finish. Using a simple white wire star you can add foliage and silver decorations for a contemporary take on a wreath. 

Keep it simple: Less is more with an understated theme, use dinner candles and a few selected baubles along with tea lights in simple glass jars (old jam jars work beautifully) for a cosy and relaxed display. Use a vintage glass vase to pile up baubles in for a splash of colour. A simple lit star is very effective hung on the wall or propped on a shelf or sideboard

Vintage: Most people have a box (or three in my case) of old Christmas decorations in the loft. Go for broke with a decedent tree full of treasures memories. Use lengths of velvet ribbon to make a cluster of decorations to hang off the mantlepiece or over mirrors, this works particularly well with glass ornaments, get nostalgic and celebrate the clashes of colour, texture and shapes. Quirky ornaments such as these glass hand painted toucans work well 

Metallics: I do love a bit of bling and you really can't have too much of it at Christmas. Bright golds, glittery silver, vintage foxed glass, they all work together particularly with white or pale interiors. Our lit Reindeers Ronnie & Reggie work well with this theme as well as lots of warm white fairy lights. 

Felt-Tastic: The first Christmas we had a small person with us as a family was a shocker, my husband banned our beautiful glass ornaments. So we chose felt instead, we now have dogs, mice, squirrels, foxes and even a dinosaur on our tree. It's fun and festive and safe for children's little hands to help with the decorations too. 

Felt Dinosaur Christmas Decoration

Wrapping the Presents:

Wrapping paper is notoriously un-recycleable and over-priced for what it is. Take the eco-standpoint this year and use brown parcel paper to wrap gifts. You can get creative with the kids (or without!) and have a stamping session with simple potato cut stars and a little paint to make your own unique paper. If you haven't got time to print your own then use gorgeous ribbons to add a classic bow or simple string for a retro look. If wrapping isn't your thing or for transporting presents these jute present sacks (£7.95) come in handy. 

I hope this helps to make your Christmas 2019 happy and stress-free

Best wishes

Steph x



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