11 Of The Best Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

May 1, 2020

Our founder & Interior Designer, Steph Briggs, shares some of her top tips for transforming your home with simple accessories and some insider know-how.

Adding colourful highlights won't impact a small space


Texture can give a feeling of 'luxe' to your home. When I'm reviewing my interior clients' brief notes, one comment that always comes up is the need for the space to feel luxurious yet comfortable. Integrating texture into your home, be it through a textured rug or throws can give an instant feeling of cosiness that can command attention even in the most opulent of spaces. Whether you have a small studio flat or grand country manor, clever use of textures through your soft furnishings and accessories add warmth and home comforts.

Textured Rug on Chair


Whether you are looking for bold kitchen island lighting or a statement lamp for the lounge, lighting can create mood and bring different energy to a room, and it's not just the style of fitting or lampshade you choose that impacts the 'tone' of the room. The brightness and colour temperature of the bulbs you opt for will also affect the space, for example bright, cool whites tend to complement a modern and clean looking interior better than warm white bulbs.

Statement Lamp with Peacock

Scents For Sensory

Scents can evoke a feeling of calm within a room. Reed diffusers or scented candles can all create a mood for a room. I absolutely adored creating our new collection of candles, which embody some of my favourite aromas across the seasons.

Happy Space Vegan Diffuser 

Add A Statement Piece

Adding a statement piece of furniture in a room provides both a focal and talking point. Choose a 'wow' piece. The bigger, the better! My tip for a small room is to go for statement ceiling lights if the room allows or a big piece of art on a wall - takes up zero floor space but has the same impact!

Statement piece of furniture

Choose Versatile

Picking a few dual-purpose accessories will save cupboard space and allow you to enjoy them all year round. For example, these gorgeous candle stick holders are elegant additions to your mantlepiece, and at Christmas, they can be bestowed with holly and ivy for a festive make-over.

Contemporary brass candlesticks


This statement Champagne Cooler on a table complete with potted plants inside is another example.

Brass Wine Cooler

Colour Combos

Choose colour combinations that work for your space and your personality. If you are a high energy type, you might be better with a soothing calm colour palette for your décor. Lighter colour tones create a feeling of space but adding a single statement wall of bold colour or colourful accessories will allow you to channel your inner designer without drastically reducing the space.

 Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Range Fandeck


Upcycling a piece of furniture gives pre-loved a much loved make-over. We offer a furniture painting service at La Di Da Interiors, but we also run a variety of furniture Make-Over Workshops to help and support customers who want to have a go themselves. 

Furniture Painting Workshops at La Di Da Interiors

Add Unique Touches

Adding a few unique touches to your interiors instantly updates your home and can give a designer feel too. Choose a beautiful vase with fresh flowers on your sideboard or a picture painted by a local artist, beautifully framed photographs mean that happy memories will instantly be with you every time you enter the room. 

Flowers in a vase 

Get Crafty

I've mentioned upcycling pieces of furniture, but paint effects and stencilling details on walls can give a crafty feel to your home. Adding mismatched vintage crockery on a kitchen sideboard or a Bench Cushion with a vintage print for your alfresco dining gives a bohemian feel to space.


Mix Old With New

Mixing old pieces of furniture with new accessories can work well for those on a limited budget. A striking statement lamp on a hallway table or a Soft Wool Throw draped on a much-loved but tired sofa can instantly update an area without a complete make-over.

Painted desk

Be Inspired

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