The White Edit - Creating the Perfect All-White Room

Apr 28, 2021

In colour psychology white represents purity, innocence and integrity. With positive connotations of cleanliness, freshness and simplicity. The ultimate neutral tone that goes with everything, it's hardly surprising that we love a white interior. We've got some ideas from products to inspo to show you how you can put together an all-white space with some serious swoon factor. 

Hannah Jameison is one of our team here at La Di Da Interiors and is also known as Queen of the White Aesthetic! Her home is styled beautifully combining her love of white and vintage and upcycled finds. 

All white interior sitting room

White decor can be sophisticated and stylish and really make a statement. While in theory an all white room could be perceived as cold or stark, by using many shades and tones of white you can create the perfect blank canvas to create a space that never dates or tires. 

While colour trends and fashions come and go, a texture-rich tonal all white interior will be timeless. When you see an image of an all white interior scheme it's difficult to tell what country it is in, what year it was created or era, it's universal.  

Using differet textures creates layers

Get Textural

A room can look good in all white but to really create a cosy tactile space texture is what makes it feel warm and inviting. Mix it up with whitewashed wood, painted furniture, glazed porcelain, sheepskins, wool throws, squishy cushions, the more variety the better. These elements combined make it feel so much more special. 

 Mirrors and aged wood add texture to a white interior

Choosing the Right White

Getting the right shade of white is key, a subtle change in shade makes a massive difference. I never use standard "Brilliant White" on ceilings, it's too stark. Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Old White is my go to shade for most projects, it's got a grey undertone and therefore is soft and gentle on the eye, it makes a big difference.

Consider where the architecture and how much natural light is in a room. A room with lots of natural light will feel warmer so you can use a colder shade. Rooms that are artificially lit particularly with LED lighting can look cool so go for a warmer shade such as Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Original.  

Bedroom painted in Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Mix it up (with white!)

By mis-matching your shades of white adds layers of white hues and adds visual interest. Mix up whites and even some soft creams for a soft and pretty look.

Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan is the most popular "colour" by far in the UK, for furniture painting it's the easiest white to use because of its undertone the coverage is amazing. Dark wood furniture can be transformed into a beautiful white in two or three coats. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White

For a super white flat matt finish on furniture and walls Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Salt is ideal. My favourite subtle shade of warm white with a light sheen for furniture painting is Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. 

White interior

Add Warmth with Nature

For a cool Nordic vibe add natural decor items to add in warmth and more texture. Wooden furniture, straw baskets, marble, cotton rugs, wool blankets all add warmth into a space no matter that the base colour is but this works particularly well in all white interior schemes. 

All white bathroom with lots of plants

Decorate with Greenery

Your home should be your sanctuary, your escape from the world. One way to create this is through indoor plants (artificial or real!) House plants can be great for your physical and mental wellbeing, but they also are a great accent colour to break up an all white interior scheme. For a stylish, on-trend botanical feel choose plants with a variety of height and texture try a potted fern with sprouting fronds, delicate Hemlock with its pretty white flowers or a pot packed with pale eucalyptus.  

 Artificial Eucalyptus Stems by Abigail Ahern

Play with Colour

If you can't resist adding a little colour then really go for it with a bold statement such as a stunning coloured glass vase or colourful artwork. Using natural colour such as wooden floors, picture frames and doors also adds contrast and a secondary colour. By keeping it natural it's easy to co-ordinate; Mother Nature is great at creating colour schemes!

Fairy Lights and tealights add a soft glow to an all white colour scheme

Soften The Lights

White simplifies a space, a room will feel larger and brighter. Lighting is key, make sure you can dim down the lights to gain a more intimate and softer feel, particularly if it's an all-white bedroom or sitting room where you want to feel relaxed and calm. Add fairy lights, large candles and glass tea light holders for a touch of romance. 

Fairy Lights on a white table

Get the Look

Our top products for an all white interior:

White Homewares and Gifts

From left to right top to bottom,

Love You Always set of three Bud Vases £25

Flower Scented Room Diffuser by The Candle Brand £25

Hemlock Flowers £12 per stem and Oumd Vase £63.95 by Abigail Ahern

Natural Cotton and Black Woven Throw £19.95

Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Old White £41.95 for 2.5L

Large Carved White Wooden Angel Wings £135

Starburst 240 Fairy Lights for indoors or outdoor use £34.99

Honeycomb Glass Tealight Holder £5.95

Extra Long 15m fairylights for indoors or outdoors £34.95


 Feeling inspired? Have a look at our white inspired collection of homewares and gifts click here.

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