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Jun 9, 2021

Here is our guide to blend style and sophistication in your home as well as some top tips for designing your neutral home decor scheme. Whether your style is modern and contemporary or classic a neutral colour interior scheme is timeless, sits well with everything and appears to be effortless. Done right these pared back colour schemes can be relaxing and sophisticated. Done badly then it can appear boring and beige.

What are the best colours to use in a neutral living room? 

From ivory to linen, dove grey to charcoal, neutral living rooms are welcoming, calming and classic. The key is to use a variety of complementary tones and materials - just as you would with any other interior design.

Neutral tones in a living room with texture

Use Pattern & Texture

A room without texture can feel dull and lifeless. When decorating with a neutral scheme it so important to bring in a variety of patterns, textures and finishes. Consider using soft furnishings such as sheepskins, textured throws, and linens, you can't have too many different textures in a neutral room. 

Neutral coloured accessories for living rooms

Create a relaxing atmosphere

A neutral colour palette can still be warm and cosy. Greige (it's a well used term in interiors) has become a recent trend as it has both the warmth of beige but the depth of grey. Combined with natural materials such as wood floors and jute rugs it becomes a cosy retreat. People often associate a neutral scheme as all white but neutrals are generally considered to be any colour that isn't on the colour wheel. By this definition a neutral living room can be white, grey, shades of brown and taupe. Unlike all white rooms a room full of darker neutrals is far more relaxing and family-friendly as people can live without fear of getting it dirty! 

Create a luxe look

Avoid your neutral room being bland by adding some sparkle with metallic elements. These can transform a scheme from ordinary to chic and glamorous. The addition of reflective surfaces such as mirrors, chrome, and aged gold combine well to create a luxurious atmosphere. Have a look at our metallics collection for some inspiration.

Metallics collection

Contemporary Styling

If your house or personal style lean towards a modern or contemporary look a neutral scheme is something to consider. Mushroom, taupe, black, white, ivory, griege and grey all work brilliantly in the simplicity of contemporary styling and decor. Remember to include a variety of tones and texture to keep it from feeling flat.

Neutral living room

Keep it warm

Every neutral living room needs to feel warm and inviting. Tactile touches with soft furnishings help to achieve this, think about using velvet cushions, leopard print rugs and sheepskins, and linen sofas. Wood works brilliantly to add warmth and texture too, a chair with wooden legs, or a lamp base is enough, a little goes a long way. Add in touches of taupe and mushroom to make a pale scheme less bland. 

Leopard print rug by Abigail Ahern

Let there be light

Light, neutral colours are more reflective than darker colours and will make the most of any natural light available. Make sure that your lightbulbs are warm white to ensure a relaxing and more flattering lighting from lamps and pendants. 

Welcome in nature

Adding a few botanicals can really bring a scheme to life. Whether it's a faux fern in a gorgeous ceramic pot in a darker corner or some pretty white flowers or eucalyptus arranged in a vase to make a statement. Bringing nature indoors gives a relaxing energy to a room. 

Faux eucalyptus in a vase

Use an accent colour

By using an accent colour in your interior design scheme gives it definition and character. Give a neutral living room contemporary styling with some accents of black or graphite. Keep it minimal to maintain the overall relaxed and understated look such as a crittal style mirror, piping on cushions or legs on the side tables. If you feel black is too harsh then consider a more natural deep brown or slate grey.

Square Crittal Mirror 

Throw in some colour

A gentle palette of warm, mixed neutrals gives you the freedom to play a little. You can add a pop of colour depending on your mood quickly and easily to a neutral scheme. A beautiful zingy yellow throw or cushion and a statement piece of artwork instantly shouts "Summer Time" in the darker months and adds a little interest. The beauty of adding a colour pop to a neutral interior scheme is you can change it easily and inexpensively as the mood takes you. 

 Statement artwork adds a pop of colour

Will you be using these neutral living room ideas to create your dream space? Let us know in the comments below! If you are looking for more interior design ideas for your home check out our other blogs.

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