Paper Bag Charge

Jan 12, 2020

PAPER BAGS: 20p charge from 1st Feb 2020

We have used paper bags in our shop for years in an effort to be as eco friendly as possible. Paper bags may seem like a fantastic replacement for plastic, however its not quite that simple...

• Paper bags need to be reused at least 3 times to make the production and energy used worthwhile
• Paper bags weigh more than plastic bags meaning transportation requires more energy
• They take four times more energy to produce

Single use paper bags are not a long term solution to plastic bags unfortunately

Due to this we will be charging 20p per paper bag to reward those existing customers that bring their own bag and to cut down on waste. Save your old bags and re-use any paper bags that you have 🙂 We do also sell reuseable recycled shopping bags made from plastic bottles which are available for £4.

La Di Da Paper Shopping Bag

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