Our Favourite Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Jul 31, 2020

Our Co-Founder & Interior Designer Guru, Steph Briggs shares her favourite interior design tips and tricks to transform your home.

Passionate About Painting

Paint everything! Never underestimate the impact that a fresh lick of paint can have in transforming old pieces of furniture or drab, tired walls. An interior make-over doesn't need to cost a fortune. Incorporating a vibrant colour pop or neutralising a dark space will instantly change the mood and feel of a room. 

bold Colour makes a statement

Painting is a fast and easy way to create a considerable impact that anyone can complete in a few hours. We stock a range of beautiful shades of paint. My favourite colour hues at the moment are Annie Sloan French Linen, it's the most amazing neutral tone that goes with any other colour beautifully. And Cornish Milk Paint in Samphire, a stunning green with a velvet, matt finish. 

Make A Move

Moving furniture in your home can give a room a fresh feel. Changing the layout of your furniture within a room can give it a different feel and purpose. The beauty of moving your furniture around is that if it doesn't work, you can always change it back. 

Make A Statement

Invest in a statement piece for your room that you will adore and get pleasure from every time you see it. At La Di Da Interiors, I handpick every single item that goes into our gifts and interiors store so you'll find a treasure trove of gems that you won't find on the high-street. 

Peacock Table Lamp

This beautiful Peacock Table Lamp is a perfect example of how you can add functional statement details to your room which will instantly transform that space and add personality.

Larger Than Life

A grand piano or a large antique French dresser might be on your lust list for your home, but you need to be realistic on the size of your home. One of the most common issues I see is where clients have bought a huge sofa which is way too large for their room. 

Always measure and check before committing to large investment purchases such as sofas and sideboards. If in doubt use a roll of masking tape to lay it out on the floor to help "see" it in situ.

A Touch Of Texture

Play with textures and different materials in your home. Humans are naturally tactile creatures and using a variety of textures and elements is a brilliant way to create interest in a room, particularly within neutral colour palettes. Complement a solid oak or stone floor with a jute rug, fabric sofa and linen curtains. Add a beautiful Wool Throw to add colour and comfort. 

Artichoke Tealights

Small details such as textured ceramics are simple additions that can add a feature. Our artichoke tealight holders are perfect for this trend. Adding ornate brushed metal handles to your furniture, such as our beautiful Bee Handles will breathe new life into a chest of drawers or cabinet. Textured walls and paint finishes also add impact and interest.

Bring The Great Outdoors Inside

Balance stark modern contemporary interiors with the vitality of natural elements. Whether you choose a vase of freshly cut flowers in the hallway, an abundance of green foliage or to fill your home with low maintenance, realistic looking, quality Faux Plants, green-fingered or not this is a beautiful way to breathe life into a room.

Artificial Plants 

Choose natural wooden flooring or chunky wooden picture frames to keep your connection with nature. Using a mirror is also a fantastic way to enhance natural light and visually increase the space. All these ideas bring colour, texture and light to a home. 

Make It Personal

Your home should be a reflection of your personality, lifestyle and needs. When I'm working with a client, we always spend time exploring the purpose of the redesign and their vision. I also aim to get to know the client better before the design process, to encapsulate their personality in my designs. 

Make a personal style statement

Whether you work with an Interior Designer or not, adding small elements can give a playful hint or two. For example, our Zebra Vase was popular with a client who loves to go on Safari every year.

Quirky Zebra Vase

And our gold Iguana ornament took centrepiece in a fashion designer client's Azure Blue bathroom with tropical plant foliage.

Gold Iguana Ornament

Believe In Evolution

Just as fashion trends evolve, so do interior trends, personal tastes and desires. Your home should evolve and develop as you do. You don't need to settle on one "look" or style for your lifetime. Be bold in change. 

Group ornaments in odd numbers

As your life unfolds, so should your home be a reflection of positive change. An excellent interior-design tip is to create collections of items using odd numbers. This might apply to candles, vases, books, plants or even flowers arranged in groups of three, five or seven. They look better and add a professional interior designer touch to your home.

Start Designing From The Floor Up

Start designing your theme and colour scheme from the floor up. People are often overwhelmed as to where to start designing a project. Consider how you want the room to feel, put together a Colour Scheme and start planning the more significant areas such as the floor, walls and ceiling

Start from the walls

Consider Getting Professional Interior Design Help

Most people have a preconceived notion that appointing an Interior Designer will cost a fortune, but I work with clients across most budgets. Working with a client can range from personal consultations to give a steer in the right direction and putting together colour scheme and layout, through to our full interior design service. Our Consultancy Interior Design Services are extremely popular with those savvy consumers, unsure of exactly how to translate their vision into a reality and not wanting to waste money on costly mistakes.


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