Just how far will a sample pot of Fusion Mineral Paint go?

Jul 4, 2019

37ml sample pot of Fusion Mineral Paint in Azure

I've painted furniture for years and I dislike buying sample or tester pots; generally there is never quite enough in them to do anything of any size, they're expensive (in comparison for full size tins of paint) and by the time I've washed my brush I usually feel that I've wasted as much as I've used. So when I was sent a 37ml (yes that's right its tiny) sample pot of Fusion Mineral Paint (sometimes referred to as FMP) I was a little skeptical other than colour choice how much use was this really going to be to me?

I was assured by the savvy lady that sent this to me that it would go further than I thought. Now being a professional furniture painter and interior designer I am used to using paint and guestimating how far it will stretch. However on this occasion I was wrong, so wrong.

Wooden stool

I had a random old wooden stool tucked away at the back of my furniture project stash, so decided that I could at least paint a leg with it to try this Fusion Mineral paint out. Being an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint fan I'm not used to doing any real prep other than cleaning so having to give the stool a light sand did seem a bit of a ball-ache but in reality it didn't take long. I used 240 grit sand paper as the stool was quite worn anyway. I then wiped it over with a wet cloth to give it a clean and get rid of the dust. 

Sanding in preparation for paint

I used the little Fusion flat brush that I was sent with the paint which again is another first for me as I am a fan of using big round bristle brushes with chalk paint. I used "Azure" which is a beautifully bright and summery sea blue colour.

Fusion Mineral paint in Azure with brush

The paint went on smoothly and quickly, the coverage is amazing and the paint is evidently highly pigmented. I was astounded at how far it went, one tiny 37ml pot covered the stool entirely and I still had about half of the pot left! I left it overnight to dry and went back the next day to see what it looked like.

First coat painted in fusion mineral paint

I was amazed at the results, I did a second coat as recommended by the manufacturer because being a stool it will get beaten about a bit, by the time I had done I have about one third of the pot left. Truly economical, so although millilitre for millilitre it's a little more expensive that your average furniture paint, it really does go a long long way.

The beautiful thing about Fusion is there is no need for a top coat, so no lacquer or waxing required which is fabulous. To finish off my stool I added a funky stencil detail using Fusion Mineral Paint in "Champlain" which is one of their best-selling colours, it's a lovely soft creamy off-white. I used a sponge roller to apply the paint over the stencil and it worked brilliantly. 

Stencilled stool using Fusion Mineral Paint


  • Preparation is key, sanding is essential unless going straight onto clean bare wood
  • It is more expensive than other furniture paint (but worth it)
  • 12 hour cure time


  • A little goes a long, long, long way
  • No top coat or sealant required
  • Easy to open jars which seal well so you don't waste any
  • Beautiful bright range of colours
  • An über smooth finish is easy to achieve

A tester pot is £4.75 and the flat brush I used is £3.99 so this proved to be a quick, easy and economical facelift for this stool. I love the products so much that La Di Da Interiors have become stockists and we look forward to working with Fusion Mineral Paint. 



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