Bright Skies Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

Sep 15, 2021
Dulux Bright Skies Colour of the Year
Every year Dulux colour experts translate global design trends into a prediction for  their Colour Of the Year. The Colour of the Year for 2022 has been announced as “Bright Skies” a fresh, airy, pale blue. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® palette equivalent is Louis Blue or Fusion Mineral Paint is Mist.
Fusion Mineral Paint in Mist Blue
Personally, I’m in total agreement with their choice. Fresh, bright, pastel blue is exactly the life-affirming, deep-breath, wide-open horizon shade we need for 2022. Perfect for small spaces, brightening up a small alcove or on the fifth wall (aka the ceiling) to harness the recessive qualities of blue, to reference the painted ceilings of the Renaissance period, and to immediately update your home.
Annie Sloan Louis Blue
Pair with earthy browns such as Coco or French Linen to anchor, or use as a neutral in an otherwise bold and bright scheme to bring optimism, energy and excitement to a space.
Dulux Colour of the Year always aims to capture the mood of the moment and the essence for what we want in our homes for the year ahead. This clear blue is reminiscent of cloudless summer skies, freedom and nature. After a year or so of being stuck indoors this outdoors, natured referenced colour enchases our sense of optimism and wellbeing is perfect for 2022.

Ways to Use Bright Skies in Your Home


Blue is a receding colour which means it looks further away from us when on walls. Using any blue will make it look expansive but the clean, pale and fresh sky blue similar to Bright Skies is the ultimate colour to reconnect with the biggest space of them all - the sky! 

The 5th Wall

This will work in pretty much any room, by using a colour like Bright Skies on the ceiling it will make the ceiling almost disappear and fill the room with an airy freshness. Perfect for small rooms and low ceilings.

Colour Drenching

I'm a big fan of colour drenching - painting one colour on all the walls, woodwork and doors. Even add the ceiling. It's a bold interiors technique which is far from conventional but works miracles rejuvenating small spaces. The results are modern and fresh. The walls and ceiling recede and the other objects become the main attraction. 

Accessories Inspired by Bright Skies

Accessories inspired by Bright Skies Blue
A little pop of a a pale blue will add a hint of the Bright Skies aesthetic to any interior. Try this Japanese Garden aromatherapy candle £27, soft blue and warm white cotton throw £24.99, large tall ceramic glazed vase £39.95 or cute trinket dish £3.50 to accessorise and create harmony in your interior. 

Complete the Look

If you don't fancy adding paint to your walls then take a Bright Skies into other areas of your home. Paint a piece of furniture in Annie Sloan Louis Blue or Fusion Mist. Upcycle a vase or ceramic pot with a lick of Louis Blue to add a little of the Bright Sky trend into your home. 
Furniture painted bright skies blue

What colours go with Blue Skies? 

If you want to add a little blue skies into your home but want to make it part of the colour palette you'll be pleased to know it can go with a massive variety of other colours very successfully thanks to it's natural origins. 
Pair with subtle off-whites such as Old White Wall Paint and neutrals such as French Linen or Country Grey to give a fresh blank canvas which enables it to be the main attraction. 
Be inspired by nature with soft greens such as Fusion Mineral Paint Eucalyptus and go bolder with an accent of Annie Sloan Amsterdam Green. This that really complements the earth and sky look.
If you have a grey interior then adding a touch of this pastel blue is a great way of adding a little subtle colour, a sense of wellbeing and personality and staying on trend too. 


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