Autumn Home Styling 2021

Sep 5, 2021

Autumn Home Decorating: Easy styling ideas to welcome seasonal change

As the seasons change to Autumn, daylight becomes dimmer and shorter and there is a nip in the air. It's time to add some cosy elements to refresh your interiors, a comforting and nurturing home is more important as we spend more time inside. Here are my top Interior Design secrets for Autumn

Colour Trends

Navy Blue is still the colour of 2021 - it's timeless and perfect for this time of year too. Adding an earthy Autumnal tone is a great way to cosy up any interior. This year's most fashionable colour is Tobacco. It's all over the catwalks and it tumbling into our homes. This tan brown doesn't need to be dull. Our beautiful amber glass vases are the perfect example of how to bring a touch of tobacco into your room. Also look for rusty reds, deep mustard ochres and jewel inspired teal blues all which pair well with navy midnight blues.

Tobacco Coloured Glass Vase

Get Layering

Create the perfect atmosphere for curling up with a book on a chilly evening. Add textured throws, tactile velvet cushions, snuggly sheepskin throws. Blankets over the ends of beds, add an extra cushion or two, a rug beside the bed makes a hard floor more luxe. Add visual texture with a small sculpture such as Vera (below) contrasting with a smooth book and the glass lamp. 

Vera Scuplture by Abigail Ahern

Change Scents

Swap summery scents for spicer notes. Scent plays a big part in our home, it's often overlooked but it's a really budget friendly way of updating your home for the change of season. 

Pack away Summer Scents such as coconut and citrus and look for fragrances that make you think of Autumn. Aromatherapy based scents with an earthy note work well such as sandalwood. Comforting scents such as vanilla also work well. 

Indian Sandalwood Candle

Scented candles or reed diffusers? 

Lighting a scented candle isn't just about adding beautiful scent to your room. Candles create a warm glow and intimate, cosy atmosphere too. To get the most out of your candles you should burn them for at least an hour at a time, make sure you have enough time to allow the pool of molten wax to reach the edge of the jar. This will make sure your candle has the longest life and gives a good scent. They ad a steady amount of scent to a room over the course of a few hours.

A reed diffuser is great for a subtle all day everyday aroma enabling you to have wonderful smelling rooms all the time. These are the easiest way of making your home beautifully scented without having to keep your eye on a flame. 

Add reed diffusers to the rooms you pass through once in a while like the hall or bathroom. Use scented candles in the spaces that you reside and relax in like the living room or if you need a quick fragrance boost. 

Candle Brand Reed Diffuser 

Play with Light

As the days get shorter there is less natural light coming into your home, it's time to introduce some cosy, artificial lighting. Table lamps give a really inviting and flattering light. Have a look at our range of battery operated lamps, they're perfect for adding a light to a bookcase, shelf or table. Being battery operated they don't need to be near a socket and there are no unsightly cables trailing. 

Battery Operated Light


Opt for foliage rather than flowers, they as dramatic texture and subtle colour. Our best-selling faux trailing eucalyptus and Etro vessel is perfect for adding beautiful texture and an earthy hue to your home. 

 Trailing Eucalyptus and Etro Vase

Dried botanicals are also a great way of adding low maintenance Autumnal texture to a room. 

Dried Grass in a pot

Let me know what interior trends you're loving at the moment and how you are preparing your home for Autumn Winter 2021

Steph x 


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